Are Cockroaches Invading Your Home? Turn Up the Heat!

Like DS Super Heat’s powerful solution to eliminate bed bugs, we also offer heat treatment to exterminate cockroaches in both home and industrial settings. Our tried and tested solution guarantees the total destruction of cockroach infestations, allowing you to enjoy your home in peace. Rely on our heat treatment options, which are known to be more efficient than pesticides.

We have built a reputation terminating pests for many years in and around Edmonton (but servicing all of Alberta). We have a team of experts that can help you with your unique situation, including drawing up a tailor-made solution for your specific needs. For more information or to obtain a free quote about our Edmonton cockroach removal services, please contact us online or give our office a call at 587-646-4001..

cockroach dead after heat treatment in Alberta

Targeted treatment for roach-free spaces

Cockroaches do absorb heat, but there are certain temperatures that they cannot survive under, even if they tried. Our heat treatment targets the cockroaches and their eggs, ensuring that they do not spread, multiply and infest your home. residential and industrial spaces

How Does Heat Treatments for Cockroaches Work?

Heat treatments are proven to be effective against cockroach infestations. Cockroaches are cold-blooded insects, which means they cannot regulate their body temperature internally. When exposed to high temperatures, typically above 45°C (113°F), cockroaches can suffer from heat stress and eventually die. Heat treatments, such as using steam or hot air, can effectively eliminate cockroach infestations by raising the temperature to levels that are lethal to them. These methods are often used in conjunction with other pest control measures to ensure comprehensive eradication. However, it’s essential to note that the success of heat treatments depends on factors like the duration and intensity of heat exposure and the specific species of cockroach being targeted.

Benefits of Heat Treatment Over Chemicals

 Heat Treatment Guarantees Success

Cockroaches have the uncanny ability to hide in the hard-to-reach areas on surfaces and furniture, while reproducing astronomically at the same time. Sometimes, you think you’ve got them all and then a few days later, you’ll find one where it is not supposed to be. Heat treatment penetrates materials and surfaces to strike the cockroaches wherever they are hiding

 No Need for Chemicals & Pesticides

Cockroaches build resistance to pesticides until they even resist the strongest chemicals possible. Heat treatment creates an environment they cannot withstand, even for breeding. Your home is kept free from all the pesticides sprayed by exterminators - allowing you to enjoy a cockroach and pesticide free space.

 Heat Treatment Saves Times

If chemicals are used to exterminate your cockroach problem, you will have to leave your home or premises for some time while the chemicals do their work. It can be hours, it can be days, but you will be inconvenienced in some way. With heat treatment, the process does not take a long time, allowing you to continue with your routine after a short while.

 Solutions for Residential & Industrial Spaces

Our heat treatment solutions work in any space, whether it is your home, or your work. Industries like food manufacturing, product and package manufacturing, commercial office buildings, residential properties and transportation can all benefit from our permanent fix to cockroach infestations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do cockroaches appear?
Cockroaches generally appear in warm and humid environments, although they can also survive in low temperatures. Because of this, kitchens are usually their go-to-place for breeding. The best preventative measure against them is to keep facilities clean, regularly disposing trash, and not leaving food items open in rooms. However, this might still not prevent a cockroach infestation, at which point it is essential to promptly contact DS Superheat at 587-646-4001. to help you gain control of your spaces again.

Is it any type of heat that can be used to get rid of cockroaches?
If a cockroach is targeted with heat that comes from one direction, it will scurry away to find a place where no heat is reaching. Our heat treatment uses convective heat that circulates that air, leaving no space for escape or survival.

How long does heat treatment targeting cockroaches take?
The time it takes to exterminate the cockroaches varies based on the actual space and the level of infestation. The larger the space and the intensity of the infestation, the longer it will take to exterminate the cockroaches. But generally, heat treatment has a quick turnaround time.

Why use heat treatment over pesticides?
First of all, cockroaches cannot build resistance to heat. There are certain temperatures that they could never survive under. Secondly, heat treatment is an environmentally friendly alternative that is permitted under the law. Thirdly, heat treatment is a permanent solution, as opposed to other chemical-based solutions that do not assure that every cockroach infestation is removed.

What locations do you provide heat-treatment services for?
We can help you wherever you are in Alberta, be it Calgary, Edmonton, Red Deer, Lethbridge, Sherwood Park, Medicine Hat, Saint Albert, Grande Prairie, Fort McMurray, Airdrie, Beaumont, Fort Saskatchewan, Spruce Grove, Cochrane, or even Camrose.

What other pests can be destroyed using heat treatment?
In addition to bed bugs and cockroaches, heat treatment also works on beetles, weevils, moths and other insects that like infesting human spaces. Whatever infestation it is, contact DS Superheat, your heat treatment specialists in Edmonton via our online booking portal or call our expert pest controllers at 587-646-4001.